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OCAMLDOC-DOCUMENTATION Generated by ocamldoc

[ ! Please, see also french page before I have time to translate ... !]
People with knowledge of any language (Ocaml, Java and english ...) at any level are welcome.

Project summary

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- About Chess, mathematics and Chess, Ocaml - A.I. and Chess game
- To understand the bases of the programming (with Chess game and Ocaml)

For my next package "LEARN":


Java interface (the teatcher of the Neural Networks) => database = Input of NN

(probably already done and perfectly well done, searching, from a sourceforge user ?)

JOONE and FANN are solutions (see on

Tools - Books - Software - Hardware

Objective Caml

The Caml Language

- Caml supports functional, imperative, and object-oriented programming style
- Objective Caml system is the main implementation of the Caml language

I suggest you GODI to install Ocaml 3.08 or 3.09 and many library (easy to use because I did it !)


I use two IDE for Ocaml:

Camelia (a sourceforge project) for Linux and Windows XP

and an Ocaml Eclipse Plugin :


And the SVN Repository exploring of

Quanta+ for my Home page

Quanta Plus

Thank you to the authors

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